Gemstones to Uplift Your Everyday

Discover our new range of Uplifting Gifts, perfect for treating yourself or someone special. Whether you are a crystal collector or a complete beginner, our gemstone jewellery will add some pocket-sized positivity to your everyday!

Our new season collection has finally arrived, and we already know our gemstone jewellery is going to be a customer-favourite! Showcasing vivid hues, a glittering finish and natural benefits, every piece is sure to add timeless beauty and elegance to your outfit. Not only will it become a staple in your personal jewellery box due to its captivating appearance and sentimental value, but it also makes the most thoughtful gift for your friends and family members. Whether you are celebrating a special milestone or they just need a little pick-me-up, there is a shimmering stone for every purpose and occasion.

Bringing a sense of peace and tranquillity to your everyday, this powerful 12-piece collection consists of matching bracelets and necklaces, each with their own real semi-precious gemstone, from Amethyst to Rose Quartz and Howlite . Every stone is said to have unique healing properties and positive benefits to the mind and body, which is conveniently printed on the celestial-decorated card. Designed to be worn on their own or paired together, they look just as beautiful either way! This collection makes the most remarkable present or self-treat to elevate your self-care routine.

Spirit, but make it sparkly! Our Spirit Stones Collection combines timeless style with healing semi-precious gemstones. With a gorgeous hammered disc charm that sits alongside the gemstone pendant, and a chunky silver beaded bracelet. This style is wrapped around a stylised card which is printed with the stones unique uplifting benefits, nestled inside a sleek white gift box for the most perfect presentation. From Watermelon Stone which is the stone of happiness, to Amazonite  which is the stone of serenity, to Blue Sandstone, the stone of energy. There is something for every crystal-loving girl in your life!

Don’t forget to add the most thoughtful touch to your gift with our personalisation options! From our customisable Silver Bow Gift Bag which comes free with every order, to our gorgeous fold-out Photo Card for just £1.99 when you purchase any A Little Bracelet. It’s all in the details!

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