Real Life Stories: Celebrate Them This Christmas

We’re spreading some Christmas cheer with our Real Life Stories that see our community celebrate those that make their life sparkle!

We’re spreading some Christmas cheer this festive season and helping you say ‘thank you’ to those that make your life sparkle! We previously asked our community to nominate their nearest and dearest to win a chance to be part of our Christmas campaign, and we’re thrilled to share the winning stories…

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“I am nominating my wife Emma as this would be a really amazing pick-me-up for her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and it’s been a very tough time for her and our family. She has undergone multiple surgeries and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, once that is complete, she must then also endure some radiotherapy.”

“Throughout this whole process she has remained so positive and continued with her acts of kindness and support. She always puts her family’s needs before hers even though she is dealing with this terrible situation. She even cut her hair and donated it to the little Princess trust charity, which was an incredibly big thing as she has had very long hair ever since we have been together. She is also raising money for Cancer UK by walking 10k at the Moonshine Walk in Leeds on our wedding anniversary! Plus, we have sponsored our son’s football teams kit to raise awareness and funds to donate to the Breast Cancer Now charity.”

“My little sister is just a really good human. Her friends adore her because she is so accepting and non-judgemental. She was the president of the Music Society at the University of Edinburgh while completing her law degree. She just graduated with the huge honour of being chosen as their student orator. And, while is seems she has already been recognised, she is so humble, expects nothing from others. She is the youngest of 5 children in my family, so maybe that's why!”

“During the pandemic, she worked with struggling youth to create safe, online communities. In the future, she hopes to work in family law to continue to create positive places for children. I've been her big sister for 21 years. I am the best person I can be for her and because of her. When our Mum was sick with cancer last year, our sisterhood was of utmost importance to getting through that extremely stressful time.

I'm getting married next year and I just asked her to be my maid of honour. I thought this would be the best way to celebrate our sisterhood before I get married.”

“There are only a handful of people that you meet in life who you know are going to be around for a long time, and Dalia is one of those special people. Having both been diagnosed with the same type and stage of breast cancer in our early 30s, Dalia and I clicked straight away, when we met last year.

Dalia has been a bright light in the darkness for me; she is a beautiful person, both inside and out. After we met, Dalia was there for me every single day. We don't live near each other, but we kept in touch through voice notes and over the phone. Knowing that I lived alone and was finding it difficult, Dalia was always there to cheer me on with her upbeat stories and our shared dark humour.”

Dalia and I visited Kenya (where I used to live before my diagnosis) together this Summer, and had an absolute blast! As someone who understands everything I have been through, Dalia was the perfect travel partner. We were both so grateful to be well enough to travel, to swim in the ocean, to dance on the dancefloor! Some days, emotions or post treatment fatigue would get to one of us, but the other would always be there to support us through it. After our diagnoses, we both have a fire that has been lit in our bellies, to grab life with both hands and live it to the full. We are each other's cheerleaders and encourage each other to grab all the opportunities and experiences that come our way. I am so grateful for Dalia's friendship; if I didn't have her in my life, I know that the past year would have been a very different experience for me.”

My mum is the pillar that holds up our family. She took a leap faith and moved to the UK after meeting my dad and falling in love over 30 years ago. She aspired to get a job and support the family she had back home in Malaysia whilst also pouring into the life she would create here in the UK. She continues to contribute to bettering the lives of our family whether that's through passed down wisdom, advice or financially. For nothing in return.”

“My mum is going to turn 70 years old in December and she has worked hard her entire life. She is the most selfless person I know and exemplifies a heart of gold daily. This can be seen in her friendships, her career prior to retirement and with people she does not even know. My mum has been through so much in her life and even still, she is the rock that keeps us strong through times of hardship and the light that reminds us we can survive anything. She is my biggest supporter and all I aspire to do in my life is to make her proud.”

“Our Christmas tradition as a little family of 3 is always going on a gratitude walk at some point in the day and we use that time to reflect on the year we’ve had! But ultimately when we get together with the rest of the family, Christmas looks like laughter, joy, hugs, presents and love!”

“Christmas has become a lot more special and important since having our son, Azariah. It’s meant that we are super intentional with the day so that we can create those core memories for him!

Our favourite part of Christmas is the food and laughter. Christmas is just an amazing time to let go and enjoy!”

“Christmas has become a lot more special and important since having our son, Azariah. It’s meant that we are super intentional with the day so that we can create those core memories for him!

Our favourite part of Christmas is the food and laughter. Christmas is just an amazing time to let go and enjoy!”