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  1. 5 Ways To Surprise With A Joma Gift!

    5 Ways To Surprise With A Joma Gift!

    There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of seeing a loved one’s face when you reveal your heartfelt gift to them! We’ve put together an edit of some of our very best and unique ideas for surprising someone special this season with our sparkling Joma Jewellery treats. Are you ready to create the most magical gifting moments?

  2. Life's A Charm Celebrations!

    Life's A Charm Celebrations!

    Have you heard the news? Our shiny new AW20 collection has arrived and brought with it plenty of precious new season treasures!  We’re in the mood for celebrating and so our eyes are firmly fixed on our shimmering new Life’s A Charm bracelets!

  3. Autumn Is Calling!

    Autumn Is Calling!

    The cosiest months of the year are just getting started and we can’t help but start fantasising about Autumn evenings spent curled up on the sofa, surrounded by fairy lights! With the start of a new month, we’re looking deep inside our jewellery boxes to discover our favourite ‘A Little’ bracelets inspired by Autumn…

  4. She Graduated!

    She Graduated!

    All of the hard work, late nights and used notebooks have been worth it – she graduated! Help someone special celebrate their amazing achievement by helping them to appreciate just how wonderful they are. Here at Joma Jewellery, we’ve put together a little guide to celebrating her graduation in the most magical way possible! Pens and paper at the ready…

  5. Shimmering Signature Stones

    Shimmering Signature Stones

    The most special jewellery boxes in the world are those that contain treasures with meaning. Designs filled with sweet sentiment and magical meaning can be the most precious, now and forevermore. With this in mind, we’re not surprised you love our Signature Stones collection as much as we do! Each piece’s powerful properties have been designed and made with love, ready to be gifted to someone special, or kept as a little treat for yourself!

  6. Meaningful Jewellery

    Meaningful Jewellery

    There’s nothing so sweet as gifting a loved one a special treat and even more so when the gift has a personal touch! From our mesmerising Signature Stones collection carrying their own values and meaning, to our much loved ‘A Littles’, there’s so many ways to let someone special know how much you care about them. We’ve put together a lovely little edit of our favourite meaningful sentiments – perfect for gifting, or for treating yourself!

  7. Get Ahead On Gifting

    Get Ahead On Gifting

    We love a sense of occasion!  Use your spare moments this summer to get ahead on your social calendar and pick up a few pretty treasures for the special people in your life!  There are so many good times and special milestones coming up that we can celebrate.  We’ve put together a lovely little edit of our favourites, ready for you to cherry-pick which occasion to shop for first! 

  8. Dress Your Hands With Radiant Summer Rings!

    Dress Your Hands With Radiant Summer Rings!

    Your hands are having a party – and you’re invited!  There’s nothing quite so beautiful as reaching for your coffee and noticing your hands shimmering in the light.  We love stacking our dainty, adjustable metallic rings and dressing our fingers to pour extra sparkle into every day!  Decorate your hands with our shining Stacking Rings, Signature Stone Rings and so much more…

  9. Shop Local

    Shop Local

    From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you to our high street stockists for helping us to create so many special and memorable moments! We’ve been so inspired by their positivity throughout this time and can’t wait to see them showcasing our shimmering treats once more!

  10. Bracelets Good Enough To Eat!

    Bracelets Good Enough To Eat!

    Mmm, what’s that delicious smell?  Whether it’s your signature apple pie or a well-known soft spot for chocolate, we all have a yummy food or drink that people happen to associ-ate with us!  We’ve put together an edit of our favourite tasty treat-inspired A Little bracelets to help you send a little love to the foodie in your life!  They’re perfect for stacking and creating a foodie-inspired shimmer all the way up your wrist…

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