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  1. Dress Your Hands With Radiant Summer Rings!

    Dress Your Hands With Radiant Summer Rings!

    Your hands are having a party – and you’re invited!  There’s nothing quite so beautiful as reaching for your coffee and noticing your hands shimmering in the light.  We love stacking our dainty, adjustable metallic rings and dressing our fingers to pour extra sparkle into every day!  Decorate your hands with our shining Stacking Rings, Signature Stone Rings and so much more…

  2. Shop Local

    Shop Local

    From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you to our high street stockists for helping us to create so many special and memorable moments! We’ve been so inspired by their positivity throughout this time and can’t wait to see them showcasing our shimmering treats once more!

  3. Bracelets Good Enough To Eat!

    Bracelets Good Enough To Eat!

    Mmm, what’s that delicious smell?  Whether it’s your signature apple pie or a well-known soft spot for chocolate, we all have a yummy food or drink that people happen to associ-ate with us!  We’ve put together an edit of our favourite tasty treat-inspired A Little bracelets to help you send a little love to the foodie in your life!  They’re perfect for stacking and creating a foodie-inspired shimmer all the way up your wrist…

  4. Top 5 Bridal Jewellery & Hair Accessories

    Top 5 Bridal Jewellery & Hair Accessories

    Nothing shines quite so brightly as a blushing bride on her special day! The magic of a wonderful Wedding Day can be found in the details; the shimmering sparkles and little wonders. With this in mind, we’ve put together a lovely little guide to our Top 5 Bridal Jewellery & Hair Accessories for you to daydream about wearing on your special day.  No matter how far away your Wedding date is from now, these shimmering treats are ready to be treasured forever…

  5. Radiant Bamboo: The Symbol Of Strength

    Radiant Bamboo: The Symbol Of Strength

    Have you seen our dreamy new Radiant Bamboo capsule collection? Our online exclusive collection features bamboo-inspired shimmering designs symbolising strength and the sweetest mix of silver and gold; it’s a collection that goes back to our core and has been designed with our past, present and future in mind...
  6. Your Guide To Summertime 'A Littles'

    Your Guide To Summertime 'A Littles'

    No matter the weather, keep on shining in our summertime-themed ‘A Littles’.  Wear a shimmering bracelet on your wrist to serve as a constant reminder of lovely memories with lovely people!  We’ve put together a list of our favourite summer designs that fill our hearts with magic. Take a peek and start daydreaming…

  7. The Summertime Anklet Trend

    The Summertime Anklet Trend

    Let your feet steal the show this shimmering summer by jumping on board the anklet trend!  This season calls for that little bit ‘extra’ and this is the dainty little trend to help you do exactly that.  A little sparkle can go a very long way...

  8. The Friendship Edit

    The Friendship Edit

    Send a little happiness and sparkle to the friends who mean the most to you. All of these special friendship treasures can be delivered straight to their door, so near or far, you can always show them you care.

  9. How To Organise Your Jewellery

    How To Organise Your Jewellery

    Use your time at home to give your beautiful jewellery collection a little TLC! These are our top tips on how to care for your jewellery and keep each piece organised.

  10. Keep Shining at Home

    Keep Shining at Home

    No matter what you’re going through, remember to keep on shining! A little sparkle means a lot, brightening our spirits and reminding us of happy times but also having the power to shine our love over everyone we care about.

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