How to Stack Your Jewellery

Looking to level up your stacking game? We’ve got you – our just-landed Stacks of Style Collection is here to take your look from simple to statement.

Our brand-new Stacks of Style Collection makes creating an instant layered look seem effortless! This mix and match range is comprised of silver and gold-plated matching earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, all of which sit pretty on one of our pink new-shaped cards – perfect for gifting!

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When layering your necklaces, less is more! Try to steer clear of chunky chains and instead, opt for daintier options, especially when layering more than three necklaces. It's important to choose styles with varying lengths that gradually increase, allowing the intricate details of each piece to shine through. Fortunately, our Stacks of Style Collection makes the process easy by providing an instant layered look!

Consider adding a pop of colour with our Birthstone Necklaces or introducing unique textures like the shells featured in our Summer Solstice Collection.

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Because one bracelet is never enough (let's be honest), it's time to embrace the art of stacking. Similar to stacking necklaces, the secret to creating the perfect bracelet combinations lies in embracing variety. Incorporate a mix of different styles, play with contrasting thicknesses, and explore various textures to curate a stunning and completely unique bracelet stack.

By mixing gold and silver jewellery, you can create a unique look that is truly your own – so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new!

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Stacking earrings is more popular than ever before - and for good reason! They can transform even the most basic of outfits and help you feel more put-together. We recommend starting with one statement earring and building around this with complementing styles. Whether you have opted for a chunky gold hoop or a glittering diamond stud, the focal point usually lies on the first ear piercing, then elevated with smaller, minimal studs or even a chic huggie.

Your ears are sisters, not twins! Instead of making your earrings completely symmetrical, why not unleash your creativity by creating variation between your left and right ear.

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